Voting to block Mochi Inu as Curve did

Hi there guys! Pleasure being here :heart_eyes:

I know DAO is not live yet, but I just wanted to draw attention to an idea I’m certain the dev’s have already thought very well over.

In my view, the first thing the DAO should vote on is blocking the mechanisms by which Azeem’s project Mochi Inu could possibly relate to Armor. If Curve have their motivation to take such measures, Armor only more so!

I’m very sorry if this thread is spammy :confused:

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Definitely a good point that it may be something to watch for. We can do this if need be because our DAO is starting with a voters/multisig checks and balances system where we can cancel a transaction while in timelock, but I think for now it’s best to just get this all behind us until it’s necessary.

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