[arP-003,-004,-005] Transfer Tokens and Ownership to Ease DAO

The Ease DAO timelock has been launched mainnet at 0xEA5edEf1401e8C312c797c27a9842e03Eb0e557a (governance at 0xEA5eDeF17c4FCE9C120790F3c54D6E04823dE587)! On Friday, $ARMOR/$vARMOR tokens will be able to be transferred to $EASE/$gvEASE through our token swap, but we must open votes with $vARMOR before any tokens are swapped. These proposals will execute 26 actions total:

  1. Transfer the 400MM treasury tokens to the Ease DAO. (1 action)
  2. Transfer ownership rights of the Uninsurance controller to the Ease DAO. (1 action)
  3. Transfer ownership rights of arNXM to the Ease DAO. (1 action)
  4. Transfer ownership rights of all Uninsurance vaults to the Ease DAO. (23 actions)

This will be 3 proposals because the maximum amount of actions that governance can take in a single proposal is 10. The Ease DAO will be launched on Tally within the next 2-3 days. The first actions by the Ease DAO will be swapping $ARMOR tokens to $EASE, and accepting ownership of all of the above systems.

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This will be in a couple days! We’re delaying 1 week so we will be doing further testing before committing to this, although all contracts should stay the same.

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Good -day,
Will it still be a 7-day lock-up,.,. on staked assets.on swapped over to Ease.?

7-days to unstake to be more specific

Nope! $vARMOR will be able to be directly swapped for $EASE or $gvEASE.

We’re setting these proposals up now! Everyone in $gvEase needs to delegate votes on Tally | Ease to be able to accept the transfer