Introducing Oneself and Nominating Community Delegates

Hey Armor Knights! With the DAO front end finally live, we want to get some proposals rolling. However, we need to make sure we have enough participation from our community on the voting process.

The DAO is a massive step in putting the protocol’s hands in the future of the community. Naturally, having the community involved in the voting process is integral to that. Nothing really changes if the team members are the only main voting bodies on future proposals. However, we understand that gas is expensive on the ETH network, so it is not reasonable to have all of our community voting on proposals.

Going forward, it will be important for people to delegate votes to other individuals to vote in their place. While this still will have transaction (and gas fee) associated with the initial delegation of your voting power, it will ensure that only a couple community members have to vote on the proposals, saving a majority of people from the recurring network costs required to participate. We understand even these one-time fees are prohibitive, and the team is discussing ways to refund people’s initial delegation cost, (possibly through some kind of airdrop).

With that said, I created this thread for our community members and vARMOR holders to introduce themselves to each other. Tell us who you are, a little about yourself (If you feel comfortable), and most importantly, if and why you wish to be nominated as a community delegate. Ideally, this role would work best to have 2-3+ individuals representing the community so that power is not consolidated to one person.

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Hello Armor community, my name is Danny. I am a 23 year Veteran of the US Military with a background in Advanced Electronics, Anti-Terrorism, Weapons/Tactics instruction, Tactical Data Systems management, Recruiting, and Project Management in Naval Ship Self Defense with a Bachelors degree in Business Systems Management. Since retiring in 2017, I’ve been a full time Realtor, Mortgage Loan Officer, and Amazon business owner.

I have dabbled in the Crypto space as a retail investor and trader for the past 4 years. When it comes to the technical aspect of the crypto space, I’m very much a newbie. I do understand use case, project analysis, and the various crypto genres to, at the very least, mitigate some risk when investing in projects that I believe have the potential to be useful as Crypto becomes more adopted and mainstream. Hence, why I invested in ARMOR!! I believe in the project, team, and how it will help to make DEFi safe along with being a front runner in the Insurance space without many competitors.

I am not looking for a nomination, just looking to be a consistent supporter in any way to keep the project moving forward and contribute to the community within my abilities.

FCCS(SW/AW), USN, Retired

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Glad you’re here Danny, that’s quite the damn resume!

If you or anyone else reading this are interested in taking a bigger role in governance, I have about 8M tokens past my current stake that I’d like to delegate to others as I don’t think having too much control myself is good for the protocol.

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Ok, I’ll also introduce myself, Christopher has been very insistent on the socials, so here I go…

I’m not comfortable with sharing my name, although “xaumana” is meant to be read in Cyrillic fashion and generally means a “straggler” or a “good for nothin’”, haha.

I’m 33, I live in Bulgaria and I don’t have any noticeable career. Left my higher education, because I became disgruntled by the System and never had any meaningful job, because I didn’t want to be a tiny wheel in the Hegelian Grand Machine. I shied away from society as means to prevent my labor being used to power and drive a world I was against, kept myself away from a society on the path of self destruction.
I chose self-education instead and invested my time in building a small online free library with books I translated from English to Bulgarian, which I felt would never make their way to mainstream publishing. I focused primarily on inartistic literature, anarchism-oriented treatises, many technical patents, historical articles, made subtitles for pirate copies of documental movies. I also doubled with anti-government, occultism, conspiracy and investigative journalism literature.
In the mean time I practiced a lot of yoga and other disciplines, fasting for prolonged periods of time, cured various diseases on myself with the help of alternative medicine, explored various diets and modes of eating and shared whatever experience I could with a small community of online associates.
All that changed when I found out about crypto…

Ever since the knowledge of crypto reached me, I felt it’s time for me to leave my shell, for the better world I would fight for has dawned. I truly believe this family of digital inventions gives instant solutions to the many ways we previously tried to better our civilization and failed.

I wasn’t alone in my small online library, there was another administrator that held the hosting of it. When I became enthusiastic about crypto and started translating guides and educational articles in Bulgarian, we quarreled. He owns an accounting house and makes his living off the people who wish to pay their taxes, and there I was, spelling ways to avoid centralized finance and babbling about Ponzi stuff. So I don’t have access to my site anymore.

And that’s a good thing too! Now I can dedicate my full time trying to be a private crypto investor and be part of this historical moment for the human race! Not so long ago I discovered Armor and fell in love with the project. I admit it - in the beginning I didn’t have in depth understanding of the products themselves (and tbh they are kinda boring to me, I want RCA’s to go live, that’s where Armor’s explosive potential would be!). But I became engaged with the Telegram community and I’ve been having major fun posting and interacting with the fellow hodlers for many weeks now!

Like Danny above, I’m also not looking for a nomination. I wouldn’t volunteer for voting delegation, because I have ideological discrepancies with that. I’m not entirely sure one can delegate personal responsibility to a representative, let alone delegate rights… But I do realize what a DAO is and the situation demands such delegation. I just hope I can be of use in some other way.

Love you all! Stay true and hodl on!


Glad to have you both a part of the community! Appreciate hearing everyone’s backgrounds, diversity of experience is what builds community strength! :muscle:

Even if you don’t wish to be a representative there are plenty of ways to help out, (You already got your plate full Xaumana!) Active participation is one of the biggest roles most members can play. A dedicated community of a smaller size will always prevail versus one that is larger but doesn’t engage.

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Glad you’re part of the community! I’ve been following your input on telegram and I must say that the content you provide shows you put a lot of thought into the subject. Please to E-meet you!!

Thank you Sir!! I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot of things in this life. The military afforded me many adventures, opportunities, and wearing various hats inside and outside my scope of duties, while maintaining a family of 9. Yes, I also have 7 kids that had to deal with my life away from home. Im blessed to say the least.

You can expect that I’ll be an avid supporter of this team and this project and I’ll be of service in any way you and the team see fit. Thanks again!

Thanks Chris!! I’m grateful to help out the community as best I can!!

Great to have you by our side in this, Danny! :blush: Let’s help turn Armor into an underlying concept for all DeFi!

Great to have you here xaumana! It’s amazing seeing the backgrounds of our community and how diverse everyone is: your story’s just about the exact opposite of Danny’s, yet somehow led you to the same places. Although a shame you don’t want delegation since the people who don’t want “power” tend to be the best ones to have it.

P.S. Gotta admit that I also think the other products are a bit boring at this point. All are improvements over current tech but not quite “disruptive” like RCAs will be.

Seems this thread is quiet and yet I am sure there are other newcomers here, like me. So, here goes.
My name is Beau and I am a serial entrepreneur. I mostly add value as a rainmaker and connector of resources and people. I began my career long ago in San Francisco and San Jose CA (Silicon valley) working for multinational banks, selling treasury management systems to corporate treasurers. I worked in that space for about 4-5 years and was eventually recruited to be a recruiter, and I did that for the next 10+ years, first in corporate banking and transactional finance, and later for startup tech companies. Along the way I was SVP of and ran a software team at an online publicly traded gaming company, was COO of a startup biotech company, worked directly for the founder of a giant early social network (as a private recruiter), and have basically either helped founders pull resources together or I have pulled them together for my own companies in the AI and other spaces. I began investing in crypto a few years ago. I love the promise of decentralization and am interested in self-sovereign identity, defi, gamefi, and of course interest innovations such as this.

Hey Beau, welcome! Sorry for replying to you so late. Most of the team has been at DevConnect in Amsterdam last week. Robert talked on two panels which I will be sharing the recordings of in a new article shortly.

Quite the background, that’s impressive. I believe you and Robert talked right? I am also an Evergreen alum and lived in Olympia about 5 years. Would love to connect directly and discuss ways you could help with growth of our Uninsurance vaults. Would you be interested in setting up a video meeting sometime?

Hi Chris,

Small world! Yes, I’d be happy to connect and to be helpful to the cause however I can be. Just ping me.