Grant Program Form: Pledge to an Order

Hey everyone, with the DAO officially launched and our first proposal within a day of executing. I am turning my focus to getting our Bounty/Grant program up and running.

Below I have attached a google form in which I highly encourage all Community members interested in contributing to fill out and submit. No matter your skill set the available tasks encompass a wide range that should give everyone something to help with if they wish. Contributions can range from Bug bounties, to emojis or memes for our social channels!

The current plan is to place each user into a specified “order” in the Discord based on the tasks they select. We will then communicate through Order chat channels our collaboration requests for members to work on and in turn, earn rewards for doing so! On big point of feedback on the form, is information on how the majority would prefer those rewards to be.

I am currently utilizing this program to create an “Intro to Armor” educational presentation. I have enlisted the help of two community members in creating the presentation content and providing graphic design! I’m excited for the project to release, as I know a big point of feedback from the community is the lack of a singular, easy to navigate, resource that tells new members in a simple manner what Armor offers.

If anyone has any feedback on the Bounty/Grant program please feel free to share it here. I know discord is not the most popular method for our community base, so if people would like project requests to be shared elsewhere (such as here on the forums) we can do that too!

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