Quorum, Threshold, Delays

Currently the variables for governance are that a proposal needs a 1MM threshold to be proposed, a 30MM quorum to be accepted, a 2 day voting period, and a 3 day timelock. How do these variables sound? I feel maybe a longer voting period and timelock may be needed at least.

I would prefer a longer voting period, maybe 3 or 4 days, just to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

Only problem with this is we’ll also need to have a longer timelock period (4-5 days at least) since timelock ideally is able to be used as a time period where voting can occur to cancel any malicious behavior by the multisig.

There will actually be some things in the future that will need somewhat quick response time by the DAO like confirming a hack occurred on a Shield Vault (because they’ll be paused while DAO is confirming yes/no), so that’ll be another thing to keep in mind.

2 days is definitely too short imho… cant take a weekend off then. Would go for 3 days at minimum.

Agreed, we want to make sure there is enough time to account for people’s lives. Being gone for one weekend and missing out on an important vote wouldn’t be a good look.