The Proposal Process

The forums are for pre-discussion of any proposal ideas the community might have. Below are the requirements to move that proposal idea to an official submission on chain.

Current Parameters (Subject to change)

To submit an official proposal, your address must be delegated 1M Armor tokens.

  1. Once submitted, voting will occur for 3 days. For quorum to be reached, a minimum of 30M votes must be cast. For the proposition to pass, 30M + a majority of votes must be cast in the affirmative.

  2. Once a proposal has passed it enters a time lock for 3 days. During this time, a veto can occur by use of a multisig Guardian wallet. This is to prevent a malicious attack by any actor who is able to obtain the necessary majority to force malicious code into the protocol through a proposal.

Token burn is definitely a good idea. Otherwise Armor price will keep falling with the increasing supply.