Weekly Update: 7/25/22 - 8/1/22

Hey all! Another week, another update.

  • Preparations for token launch are coming along. We’ve outlined every task the needs to done before launch, and have separated them out into a couple phases. Phase 1 is currently in progress.
  • gvtoken and the front end for our the staking/bribing system is being deployed on a testnet for internal testing.
  • Second external audit by Hacken was returned yesterday, the dev team is currently reviewing the report
  • We are in the final stages of development for a small side project that should provide a nice tool to make web3 navigation a little bit safer. Stay tuned :wink:
  • We are working with a community member who offered their professional services on creating a few publications. They plan to deliver a publication timeline this week.
  • Our large quarterly update dropped on our blog, check out the twitter thread and the full blog post.