Launch Marketing Strategy

Aside from recruiting market makers and burning tokens, both of which would make the tokens more visible and attractive, I’m wondering what launch marketing activities are planned or what resources are allocated to raising the visibility. The “uninsurance” idea is big, and interesting IMO. I have seen Twitter posts about it, but they’re not heavily noticed. I’m curious what else is planned, if anything?

So our first focus has been on heavy SEO with the main ease site (this is the purpose of most of the learn content on the site, and even a big part of the name “uninsurance”). We’re currently working on some press release and sponsored articles for a bit more eyes and backlinks. Going to be attending/speaking at events (a couple in the coming month at eth amsterdam). We’ve also commissioned a messari report that should be coming out in a month or two.

What I’m personally putting a lot of weight on getting eyes on the project in the short-term is an airdrop we plan to do to people who got hacked in the past year or two once the new token/tokenomics come out. Airdrops have proven to be very successful at getting eyes, and having it happen at a time when we already have a fantastic product up should mean much less sell pressure than the random DAO airdrops.

Past that it’s less concrete but, with our new brand, the direction I’m personally thinking about going for long-term marketing (past normal ad buys and interviews) is social media DeFi education. YouTube, TikTok, whatever, with similar content as the “knowledge base” of the learn section we have now. We’re positioned perfectly to benefit from the audience that would be interested in that content as we’ll then be the simplest and safest way for them to get into the space.

We’ll be putting a lot of time and money into marketing, I can assure that!

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Thanks Robert, that’s reassuring. The concept is very interesting. Tradable tokens with coverage would be very cool. I just messaged you on LinkedIn btw.
Beau Buck