Weekly Update: 7/18/22 - 7/25/22

This is the first of ongoing weekly updates we plan to provide. The goal is to give our community more continual insight into the team’s progress, in easily digestible summaries.

Here are the highlights of last week!

  • Our developers finished the first internal audit of the new gv tokenomics model.

  • Dedaub completed their external audit on our gv tokenomics model.

  • Hacken is processing their external audit at this time.

  • Our gv tokenomics documentation is in the final stage of editing. We plan to release the official announcement next week. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

  • We had a meeting with a DeFi protocol, discussing Uninsurance integration. It went well and we will keep exploring the opportunity, with further discussion. (If you have suggestions of your own feel free to submit them here!

  • We have a protocol report in process by Messari at this time. We expect a draft to be available for us to review this week. This report will be a large overview on the Ease protocol and it’s Uninsurance product. We expect this to be a valuable tool for future marketing, as https://messari.io/ is a popular analytics tool for many crypto professionals.

  • As a final plug, we started a tiktok channel around the beginning of this month. (TikTok) The goal is to focus on short form entry level content on crypto and DeFi. From 101 content to hack reports. The current content schedule is 2 videos a week.
    If you have any requests for video subjects, shoot me a DM :slight_smile:
    Just remember, as it is tiktok. The videos are meant to be ~1 min at most, and won’t get too technical.

See you next week :wave: