Official Proposal Outline

This is the formatting for official proposals below, it’s basically Yearn’s format with some minor changes (seen here: YIPS/ at master · yearn/YIPS · GitHub). Wanted to collect thoughts from the community.

Proposal Name (arP-XXX)

Simple Summary:
Provide a short summary of the intended outcome for your proposal here. Keep it simple, think “ELI5” level.

What would be done if this proposal were to be implemented? Describe the result of the proposed change as clearly as possible.

Why is this proposal deemed necessary? Here, describe the problem perceived by the current state of the protocol, and why it is believed to be inadequate. The reasoning that led to the creation of this proposal. Be as detailed as possible. This is where you must convince others to see the problem as you do.

Implementation: (How)

Overview: How will the proposal be implemented? This should be a high level description that clearly defines the new feature.

Rationale: This should be your supporting argument for your implementation. What motivated you to choose this method over others? Provide adequate support for this method. If any alternate methods, concerns, or criticisms were discussed in previous discussions they should be included here, with sufficient rebuttal. If consensus for this method was achieved in previous discussions, supply that as evidence.

Technical Documentation:
Provide all documentation of changes the proposal will enact on the Armor protocol.

If this proposal was a joint effort or had outside input, include acknowledgements to those other users here.

If outside resources were used, cite them here. Be sure to include proper citations in the proposal.

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