DAO vote: removing the option for minting new tokens

Hi all,

We discussed before in this forum post the possibility of minting extra tokens and the resulting “warning” on the CoinGecko page.

Past weeks we have been in contact again with CoinGecko. They are quite responsive and friendly but refuse to take away the banner as long as there is the possibility for the contract owner to mint new tokens. It didn’t matter that the amount is limited and that the current supply and max supply are clearly and correctly indicated.

This was their latest answer on the subject matter:

So, the team has discussed the issue again and we want to make a DAO vote about the option that the contract offers us, to renounce ownership, meaning no one will be able to mint any additional tokens:

Option 1: renounce ownership and therefore the possibility to mint the remaining 250m tokens
Option 2: Don’t renounce ownership and keep the option to mint the remaining 250m tokens.

We welcome your input or your votes on the matter.

My opinion nowadays is I just want to get rid of the minting notice. It seems the community feels more strongly about not minting than minting so the most agreeable way to get rid of the notice seems to be to just renounce ownership without minting, and I don’t think not having the extra tokens will hurt us much in the long term.

The vote has passed, it’s queued now and should be executed in about 2 days.