[arP-002] Accept Ownership of the Ease Vaults

Summary: On launch and until now, the multisig has ownership of the Uninsurance ecosystem. This vote is to transfer that ownership to the DAO.

Aim: This will reduce the centralization of the system and bolster security.

Motivation: With the initial launch of the ecosystem multisig ownership allowed us to setup and add new vaults while testing on mainnet. Now that the ecosystem has been thoroughly tested and is receiving user deposits, it is time to transfer the vault ownership to the DAO.

Implementation: When passed this proposal will call the following as a transaction on mainnet, finalizing ownership of the Ease Vaults to the DAO.

Signature: receiveOwnership()

Target: 0xEA5edEF1A7106D9e2024240299DF3D00C7D94767

Value: 0

Front End vote up on withtally: Tally | Armor Proposal