The Launch of arNXM v2

arNXM v2

Ease plans to upgrade the arNXM system to be completely compatible with the Nexus v2 system, which launches February 1st

What this means is this:

  • Ease will manage their own coverage syndicate. As the Nexus v2 release approaches we will release our General Strategy and risk rubric for our syndicate. The strategy and rubric will determine the syndicate’s:
    • Pricing structure
    • Supported protocols
    • Stake allocations for those protocols

This Rubric will be posted within the week to Nexus Mutuals forums. The link is here Nexus v2 Managed Staking Pools: The Ease Risk Rubric - Risk Analysis - Nexus Mutual Community Forum

  • Current arNXM holders will not need to take any action. When the syndicate launches Ease will stake all NXM in the arNXM ecosystem into the Ease managed syndicate, and the system will operate similar to how it does now.
    • The main difference being management of supported protocols and allocated stakes will happen at the syndicate level in stead of the NXM level .
  • Nexus v2 lockup periods are determined ahead of time, rather than having a 30 day un-staking delay. Lockup periods now determines the purchasable coverage length. Nexus is adopting a similar model to the Ve standard. The minimum lock up times for NXM is 90 days, with the maximum being 2 years. Like ve, the lockup period will determine cut of the rewards.

Withdrawal Liquidity
To keep liquidity on hand, we plan to initially keep 5% of total NXM unlocked and available for withdrawals (on top of what is already available). The rest of the NXM will be staked across a spread of lockup periods, to cover a wide range of coverage lengths and maximize yield. If a user requires a large amount of liquidity withdrawn that exceeds the withdrawable NXM. The best method is to DM the team directly so we can arrange withdrawals for the next quarterly period.

Also the stakes will be represented as NFTs and can be sold on the market, if needed. However, as the system is not yet launched, the actual available market interest for NXM NFTs is unknown.
|0 mths|5.00%|
|3 mths|20.00%|
|6 mths|25.00%|
|9 mths|25.00%|
|12 mths|15.00%|
|15 mths|10.00%|