Bug Bounty Proposal

Hey guys!

I hope that you are doing all right. I am proposing a Bug Bountry Program at Hats Finance.

Hats.finance is a decentralized bug bounty platform specifically designed to prevent crypto hack incidents by turning black hat hackers into white hat hackers using the right incentives. Additionally, the projects creating bounties for bugs (of differing severity) get to have the opportunity to increase the engagement both within their community and across other DeFi communities. Hats.finance is a decentralized bug bounty protocol that allows anyone to add liquidity to a smart bug bounty while farming $HATS. Hackers can responsibly disclose vulnerabilities without KYC & be rewarded with scalable prizes & NFTs for their work.

Smart bug bounty programs are a win-win for everyone. They can be created easily with a few on-chain transactions, and do not cost anything unless there a vulnerability is discovered, which would be more costly and irreversible once exploited. More importantly, it is transparent, decentralized, and gives power to the community behind the project. You can take a look at the DeFi projects, having created bug bounties, at the Hats.finance - decentralized cybersecurity bug bounty protocol

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Hey Fav_Truffle! We recently launched a bug bounty program through ImmuneFi last week. But in my opinion the more bounties and eyes on the contracts the better! I’ll rope in other team members to get their thoughts on this


Security underlies the technology of smart contracts; there isn’t such a thing as too much security in our space. We think Ethereum dapps should include our solution and others, like Immunefi.

Having said that, we strongly believe the future of cybersecurity is incentivized. We aim to lead this agenda, by creating a decentralized cybersecurity marketplace that will incentivize all its participants.

Some projects, listed both on Immunefi and Hats, came up with the idea of depositing the amount they dedicated to Immunefi in Hats, withdrawing the amount out of Hats when the time has come. (Immunefi isn’t asking to deposit the amount - Hats is a permissionless vault)

Vaults (bug bounty) on both Hats and Immuniefi will attract more security eyes on your contracts.
While in Hats, you are getting from your “security budget much more” :

  • Liquidity reward - for anyone who deposits into your vault.
  • Voting power on a cybersecurity protocol
  • One-sided yield farming based on your token
  • Community participating: Joining the effort to secure the protocol

E.g., B.protocol did the same- 3 days after, the vault was 3X, with community depositing BPRO. We already saw the vault touching 1M - this is a game-changer when black hat hackers can be rewarded with a huge bounty.


Absolutely. Trust in the platform is mission critical.

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Hey Chris! I hope that all is going well with you. Do you have any update for here?

Sorry we’ve been away at Devconnect the past week, apologies! We would be interested in starting a Hats Finance program. If you could email me onboarding related documents to Chris@ease.org

Hey Chris! We have sent an e-mail a couple days ago. For your information.

I received it, thank you! Apologies. End of last week was a little hectic, I didn’t get much work done with returning from Amsterdam and recovering from jet lag. Gonna share it with the the team and discuss implementation this week.

Awesome! Good luck there.

Hey Chris! I hope that its all going well with you and Ease Fam! Just wanted to check on you regarding how are the things going on your end. We would be grateful to receive any feedback. Keep in touch!