Past Interviews and Conferences

5/20/21: D-Core Interview with CEO Robert Forster [Armor.Fi CTO] DeFi Insurance, Black Swans, Exploits, Bugs, Platform Review | ROBERT FORSTER #23 - YouTube
7/29/21: NFTs and Defi Panel with CEO Robert Forster, Aave Founder Stani Kulechov and Lisa Loud at Global NFT Summit
8/25/21: DeFi Dad Interview with CEO Robert Forster: DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad - The Ins and Outs of DeFi Insurance with ArmorFi - YouTube
9/3/21: Interview with CEO Robert Forster on Crypto is Easy: Interview With Robert Forster, CTO of Armor.Fi by Crypto is Easy
9/9/21:Guest article by CEO Robert Forster for Be in Crypto: DeFi is the Wild West - Can Crypto Insurance Tame the Space?
9/19-9/22/21: ITC 2021, Robert Forster Speaks about the future of DeFi Coverage
11/18/21: Robert Forster on Panel discussing “Merging of the Worlds of DeFi and NFTs” at Coingecko’s GeckoCon
3/15/22 : Introducing ArmorFi's ‘Premium Free’ Coverage Products - YouTube
5/9/21: DevConnect Highlights, Amsterdam
5/17/21: UST Depeg Crisis Twitter Space