About the Feedback category

Provide feedback on anything related to the project. The team, our social spaces, the website how we do anything, really. Help turn the protocol into the best version it can be!

Be sure to use one of the following tags for your post, to help with tracking user contributions.

  • forum-feedback: Any feedback you have on the structure of the forums, how topics are organized, etc.

  • team-feedback: Any feedback for the team directly. Transparency questions, how we conduct ourselves, etc.

  • Dev-feedback: Any feedback you have on technical aspects of the protocol, such as front end for the website, coding questions related to smart contracts, etc.

  • Social-feedback: Any feedback related to our social media spaces, how the team handles them etc.

  • marketing-feedback: Any feedback related to marketing, if there are collaborations you might recommend, people or organizations we should contact, etc

*misc-feedback: any feedback that does not fit into the other categories